Beyond Food: How Certain Mushrooms Promote Optimal Wellbeing

Mushrooms have been used for centuries in eastern medicine, but many westerners are just now catching on to their transformative health benefits. As more clinical research emerges, medicinal mushrooms are solidifying their status as superfoods.

Mushrooms Promote Optimal Wellbeing

Let’s explore the top 5 mushrooms that can potentially help you live healthier and happier:

The Immortal Reishi

In ancient China, dark woody reishi mushrooms were called the “mushrooms of immortality” and reserved for royalty to cultivate longevity. Today we know reishi contains ganoderic acids shown to combat inflammation.

John, 52, was suffering from joint pain that prevented him from being active. After drinking reishi mushroom tea twice a day for a few months, he reported reduced arthritis symptoms and was able to start hiking again with his wife.

Scientific research suggests reishi may also regulate immune function to fight allergies and even tumors. With its earthy taste, reishi can be enjoyed as a tea or powder. Try taking 1-3 grams per day. Reishi’s woody vitality can enhance your quality of life.

Cordyceps for Vigor and Stamina

High in the Himalayan mountains, yak herders noticed their animals had more vigor after grazing on wild cordyceps mushrooms. Studies show cordyceps boosts oxygen delivery, ATP energy production and exercise capacity.

Maria struggled with exhaustion after coming down with bad case of COVID that lasted for many months. She began adding cordyceps to her smoothies and was amazed at how quickly her energy returned. Soon she was able to go on bike rides and feel restored again.

With its ability to increase circulation and stamina, cordyceps is the perfect mushroom to add to your routine when you need a boost. Try 1,000 mg 3 times per day. Tap into cordyceps power to maximize your energy potential.

Brain-Boosting Lion’s Mane

Known for its long flowing tendrils, lion’s mane mushroom has traditionally been used in Asia to support digestive and nervous system health. New evidence shows lion’s mane also has brain-boosting nootropic capabilities.

Maria had noticed she was becoming more forgetful in her older age, often misplacing her phone and keys. She decided to try drinking lion’s mane tea twice a day. After a few weeks, she was amazed at how much easier it was to recall details and focus throughout her day.

Lion’s mane contains hericenones shown to stimulate nerve growth factor. This mushroom could support memory, cognition and mood. Add some lion’s mane to your coffee or smoothies and feel it’s brain-boosting benefits.

Maitake & Shiitake for Immunity

Maitake, also known as hen-of-the woods, has been consumed in Asia for years to enhance vitality. Chunky shiitake is probably the world’s most popular edible mushroom. Both contain polysaccharides shown to activate immune cells.

Research shows maitake could halt tumor growth and improve chemotherapy outcomes. Shiitake’s lentinan has antiviral effects.

Try taking maitake and shiitake mushroom extracts daily to support healthy immune function. Or add the whole mushrooms into soups and dishes. Harness the healing properties of mushrooms in your cooking!

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