Fungi Perfecti: The Leader in Medicinal Mushroom Supplements and Education 2024


Fungi Perfecti is a family-owned company founded in 1980 by Paul Stamets, a renowned mycologist and author. Headquartered near Olympia, Washington, Fungi Perfecti is dedicated to promoting the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms and fungal mycelium while educating people about the powerful health benefits that mushrooms provide.

Over its 40+ year history, Fungi Perfecti has become the #1 supplier of medicinal mushroom products in North America. They offer a wide selection of mushroom supplements sourced from their own organic farms as well as books, education materials and tools for home cultivation. Fungi Perfecti sets the standard for quality when it comes to medicinal mushrooms.

Founder Background – Paul Stamets’ Pioneering Work

Paul Stamets is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on fungi and mycology. In the late 1970s, he began researching the powerful immune-enhancing effects of mushroom mycelium. His groundbreaking work led him to cultivate and patent various medicinal mushroom strains and mycelium extracts for their health benefits.

Stamets founded Fungi Perfecti in 1980 to provide these highly-effective mushroom products to consumers while advancing research and education in the field of fungi studies. His pioneering work in mycoremediation and mycopesticides has been profiled in numerous documentaries and TED talks. Over his long career, Stamets has written several best-selling books like “Mycelium Running”, “Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms” and has been granted over a dozen patents related to fungal extracts for their medicinal properties.

Fungi Perfecti’s Products

Drawing from over 40 years of cultivation experience and expertise, Fungi Perfecti offers a complete selection of mushroom-based supplements in the form of capsules, extracts and mushroom blends:

Lion’s Mane – Nourishes nerves and enhances cognitive function
• Cordyceps – Boosts energy, endurance and lung capacity
• Reishi – Strengthens immunity and reduces inflammation
• Maitake – Balances blood sugar and promotes heart health
• Turkey Tail – Supports digestion and detoxification
• Chaga – A nutrient-dense superfood with antioxidant benefits
• MyCommunity 1720 – A proprietary blend to support whole-body health

Many of their mushroom products are USDA certified organic and specially-cultivated at their 150-acre farm in Washington state. Fungi Perfecti utilizes an extract dual-extraction process using hot water and alcohol to capture the full spectrum of bioactive mushroom compounds into each supplement.

Sourcing wild, sustainably-harvested mushrooms and advanced cultivation techniques ensures their products offer the highest potency and mushroom nutrition possible. Fungi Perfecti provides full testing for contaminants such arsenic and heavy metals as well safety testing to guarantee mushroom supplement quality and safety.

Mushroom Cultivation Kits

In addition to supplements, Fungi Perfecti retails home mushroom grow kits to cultivate edible and medicinal mushrooms yourself. Their user-friendly kits are designed for beginners and include everything you need – spawn, substrate, organic fertilizer and instructions.

Grow your own reishi, lion’s mane, shiitake and oyster mushrooms right at home. Mushroom cultivation kits make great gifts too! Fungi Perfecti also offers supplies for the experienced mushroom cultivator like agar, liquid cultures, substrates and lab equipment.

Books & Educational Resources

Part of Fungi Perfecti’s mission is to educate the public about fungi and the vast health benefits that mushrooms provide. Their online library curates dozens of informative blog articles about medicinal mushroom species, uses and recent research.

Founder Paul Stamets shares his decades of expertise through best-selling books like “Mycelium Running” – a must-read guide about fungi and mushroom cultivation. Fungi Perfecti also runs public tours of their research facilities and offers mycology presentations around the country. YouTube videos and TED talks featuring Paul Stamets provide a wealth of mushroom knowledge free to anyone interested in learning more.

Commitment to Organic Farming & Sustainability

Fungi Perfecti has long been committed to sustainable organic agriculture, ecosystem restoration and conservation. They created the Fungi for the Future initiative to promote mycoremediation – the use of mycelium to absorb and remove toxins from degraded environments.

Their farming techniques harness the innate abilities of fungi to rebuild ecosystems and mitigate pollution without chemicals. These passion projects demonstrate how medicinal mushroom cultivation can cooperate in harmony with nature.

Fungi Perfecti has helped fund university mycology departments, research grants and scholarships for students pursuing careers cultivating mushrooms. Through education and promoting cooperation with fungal species and the environment, they hope to expand awareness of mushrooms’ untapped potential in areas like sustainable agriculture, medicine, and bioremediation.

The Future of Medicinal Fungi

As research continues confirming health benefits like immune modulation, antioxidant effects, antibacterial properties and anti-cancer potential – medicinal mushrooms are increasing in popularity for their therapeutic uses. Fungi Perfecti stands at the forefront as both a supplier and educator to the public on the emerging promise of medicinal mycology.

Paul Stamets and Fungi Perfecti will undoubtedly continue serving as leaders promoting the incredible health benefits of mushrooms while advancing cultivation methods and good environmental stewardship. With over 40 years of success and expertise in the field, Fungi Perfecti has established itself as the premier brand for trusted, high-quality medicinal mushroom supplements and education.


For medicinal mushroom products sourced from organic USA-grown farms together with pioneering mycological research – Fungi Perfecti stands head and shoulders above any other brand. Their commitment to quality, sustainability and public education sets them apart as the #1 supplier of mushroom supplements and cultivation materials in North America. Discover for yourself the incredible health benefits that functional mushrooms provide by trying their best-selling supplements today.

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