Love Wellness at 2023: A Revolutionary Self-Care Brand Empowering Women

Love Wellness is a rapidly growing self-care and personal care company on a mission to support women’s wellbeing. Founded in 2016, their line of clean, plant-based products aim to destigmatize self-care and feminine hygiene. With a focus on education, community and complete transparency, Love Wellness empowers women to take control of their health.

The Origins of Love Wellness

Love Wellness was started by CEO Lauren Bosworth, better known as Lo Bosworth from the hit reality TV show The Hills. After struggling for years with feminine health issues like yeast infections and UTIs, Bosworth realized the profound impact proper self-care can have.

However, she found feminine care and hygiene remained plagued by misinformation, toxic products, and shame. Inspired to change this, Bosworth left her TV career and launched Love Wellness in 2016.

Backed by scientific and medical advisory boards, Love Wellness offers clean, plant-based vaginal and personal care products. Their line empowers women with education and promotes self-care as essential wellness.

Since their launch, Love Wellness has experienced tremendous growth through a community-driven approach. The company now reaches over 2 million women seeking products and education for self-care.

Clean Ingredients and Product Innovation

Central to the Love Wellness ethos is using only clean, safe ingredients in their products. Every formula is plant-based, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. They exclude over 2000 potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, glycols, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Love Wellness invests heavily in R&D to constantly improve their products. Their team of PhDs, MDs and naturopaths leverage scientific research and customer feedback to innovate.

Recent launches include their line of CBD and adaptogenic intimacy oils for sexual wellness. Their anti-aging skincare line uses bakuchiol as a natural retinol alternative. Love Wellness also partners with medical experts to formulate products addressing conditions like PCOS, menopause, and gut health.

Feminine Care and Personal Care Selection

Love Wellness offers a complete line of vaginal and personal care products:

  • Vaginal Probiotic – Their pH-balancing probiotics support vaginal and urinary tract health.
  • Boric Acid Suppositories – Boric acid suppositories balance vaginal flora as an all-natural remedy for infections.
  • Intimate Skin Serum – This hydrating serum restores delicate vaginal skin and tissue.
  • Cleansing Wipes – Gentle hygiene wipes for on-the-go feminine freshness.
  • Body Wash – Clean, nourishing washes like coconut milk and rose blossom scents.
  • Body Lotions – Lightweight, fast-absorbing lotions to nourish skin.
  • Hair and Scalp Serum – Nutrient-rich serums to strengthen hair follicles and growth.
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray – Naturally scented, moisturizing sanitizer mists.
  • Lip Treatment – Soothing overnight lip masks and daytime lip scrubs.

With its clean approach, Love Wellness offers healthy alternatives to mainstream feminine and personal care products.

Transparency and Education

Love Wellness takes a radically transparent approach in an industry known for false marketing. They reveal every ingredient and source, welcome scrutiny, and take customer concerns seriously.

Their website and blogs offer a wealth of education on women’s health issues. Topics span menstrual cycles, UTIs, yeast infections, fertility, menopause, skin care, and sexual wellness.

Love Wellness’ social media also provides a judgment-free forum for women to discuss feminine and sexual health openly. User-generated content and reviews build an empowering community.

Through education and transparency, the company aims to eliminate shame, misinformation and stigma surrounding women’s intimate health.

B Corporation Certification

In 2019, Love Wellness earned prestigious B Corporation certification. This recognizes their high standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Love Wellness donates a percentage of profits to charities supporting women’s health and empowerment. Their partnership with Vitamin Angels has provided prenatal vitamins to over 30,000 women worldwide.

Environmental initiatives include sustainable packaging, office operations, and transparent supply chains. Love Wellness audits all vendors and suppliers for ethical practices.

As a B Corporation, Love Wellness meets rigorous standards for employee compensation and benefits. Their majority female team receives full healthcare coverage, paid parental leave, and flexible work arrangements.

By making social impact intrinsic to their business, Love Wellness drives positive change for women, employees and the environment.

The Path Ahead

In just a few short years, Love Wellness has disrupted the $18 billion feminine care industry by empowering women with education, community, and clean products.

Their burgeoning product lines and community outreach initiatives aim to further destigmatize women’s intimate health. Collaborations with medical experts will enhance their R&D capabilities.

International expansion is also slated for 2023. Love Wellness’ products and mission resonate globally with women seeking wellness solutions.

As a leading B Corporation, Love Wellness also plans to deepen their social and environmental commitments. Additional partnerships will broaden their impact worldwide.

Under CEO Lauren Bosworth’s visionary leadership, Love Wellness continues bringing revolutionary change to women’s self-care and wellbeing. Their movement empowers women to embrace education, community and plant-based products as essential to loving yourself well.

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